Cracking Down on Forged Documents

Cracking Down on Forged Documents

RUSSELLVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Poorly lamented. Falsely signed. Some crumbling on the edges. Franklin County Sheriff Larry Plott sifts through a handful of counterfeit I.D's.

"We see all kinds of counterfeit documents. It's not just IDs. It's social security cards, driver's license," Franklin County Sheriff Larry Plott said.

Authorities say falsified documentations are the most prevalent in the non-English speaking communities.

Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett says it's becoming more difficult to stop false I.D.s from hitting the streets.

"Our problem is trying to find the people that's actually making them," Hargett said.

Counterfeit identification can land you behind bars, and the Franklin County Sheriff's Department says the first things they notice are the flimsy material and the photograph on the I.D.

But even with secure software to detect forged documents, questions can still linger-- even after the I. D. was deemed false.

"Trying to see if that card and name are who that person is, there's no documentation and we don't have a good database to compare it too," Plott said.

Most of the forged ID's are found during traffic stops and interviews. Criminal possession of a forged instrument is a class C felony, punishable by up to ten years behind bars.