Financial struggles may have led an officer to fake his disappearance

The arrest of a Decatur Police Officer.

This is his booking photo from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

He was found there late Monday night.

And investigators say financial struggles and on-the-job stress may have led to the narcotics officer allegedly faking his disappearance to cover up a theft.

A 22-year veteran of the Decatur Police force, Sergeant Faron White is now on the other side of the law.

'When we have to investigate one of our own its tough on us,' says Decatur Police Chief Ken Collier.

Saturday morning Sergeant White's family reported him missing.

Investigators discovered what appeared to be a crime scene at the Decatur Police Training Center.

Sergeant White's office had been ransacked and some $2,500 in cash was missing.

Investigators assumed the worse and began an intense search.

Then, officers took a closer look at the evidence and discovered the scene in White's office had been staged.

Decatur Police Chief Ken Collier.

'The investigators in this case didn't fall off the pumping truck last week. They saw things that bothered them early on,' says Collier.

Monday evening investigators learned the truth...Sergeant White was alive.

He had taken off to Las Vegas, Nevada with the alleged stolen drug money from his office.

Police also discovered something else.

Sergeant White didn't act alone.

Police say Sarah Elizabeth Richardson, who was involved in a romantic relationship with Sergeant White and volunteered in the narcotics unit, helped him get away.

Disheartening news to friends and co-workers

'He had developed a very high regard throughout the law enforcement community throughout the years. Held in high regard. This is devastating,' says Collier.

Sergeant White has an extradition hearing at the Las Vegas Regional Justice Center Wednesday morning.