Dentists: Keep fluoride in water at Russellville

RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. (AP) - The Russellville Water Board's proposal to stop adding fluoride to the water has upset four dentists who argue the chemical helps strengthen children's teeth.

Water board manager Doug Clement contends the health effects of fluoride are still unknown, although Russellville has used it in the treatment process since 1963.

Clement cited a 2006 National Research Council study that concluded the Environmental Protection Agency's standard for fluoride was unsafe and should be lowered.

Water board members will meet Tuesday to discuss the issue. Dr. Steven Hammack and three other dentists, who plan to attend the meeting, wrote the city a letter that urges the continuation of adding fluoride to the water.

Hammack cited studies concluding that children would have 27 percent more cavities without fluoride.

--- Information from: TimesDaily,

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