Wallace State implements new student card system

Wallace State implements new student card system

HANCEVILLE, Ala.--Wallace State Community College in Hanceville is adopting the Blackboard Transaction System. According to Melinda Edwards, Dean of Institutional Outreach, the card system, which is similar to the Action card at The University of Alabama, will improve student services and reduce campus operating costs.

The multi-purpose card called the Lion Card not only serves as a photo ID card but allows funds to be deposited to the card for copying, dining, vending, bookstore purchases, library checkout and a variety of other functions.

"The card will provide cashless transactions thus providing convenience for our students," said Edwards.

Funds, referred to as Lion Loot, may be deposited on campus at a stand-alone kiosk located in the Student Center or at the Cashier's Office located in the Bailey Center.  Online deposit will also be available for the transferring of funds into a student's Lion Loot account.

"After implementation, WSCC students and staff will be required to carry this type of identification while on campus," said Dr. Tomesa Smith, Vice President for Students. "The card can be scanned at multiple locations and will assist Wallace State Security in recognizing current students. The safety and security of our campus was the driving force of this project," said Smith.

"We are delighted to have been able to secure this opportunity for our students and staff."

Among the many functions of the card, it will be used by students to pay for copying in computer labs.  "Printing in computer labs had to be controlled due to costs.  The college will give the student a certain number of copies and the student will then be able to use his/her card for additional copies," said Edwards.

A local merchant discount program will be provided with the card.  Students will receive discounts from participating merchants when they use their Lion Loot card.

Faculty, staff and students are presently being carded with a blitz that began Tuesday, November 18.  More than 2000 cards have already been issued, and Smith said that 90 percent of students attending a recent basketball game presented theirs for admittance.

Students must present a valid photo ID in order to receive a card. The first card is free. Replacement cards are $20.

The many functions of the system will be implemented in stages throughout 2009.  "Bruce Tenison, Director of E-Learning has been instrumental in the selection and implementation of the card system.  He has played a key role in decision making regarding the technical aspect of the system," said Edwards.

"Wallace State is the first community college in Alabama to adopt this efficient system and is evidence that we keep our students needs foremost in our minds," said Edwards.