Parker Griffith names transition team

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Parker Griffith named a four person Transition Team Friday to assist him in setting up his congressional office, organize a first term agenda, and to solicit input from the community on major issues affecting the Tennessee Valley.

The team is headed by Tom Young and Carter Wells.

Tom Young served as Senator Richard Shelby's Chief of Staff from 1990-2002 and is currently the President of Kord C31, Inc., a Huntsville based defense technology company. Carter Wells has served as Congressman Cramer's Chief of Staff since 2002 and prior to that he served as his Military Legislative Assistant.  Joining Young and Wells on the Transition Team will be Elizabeth Morard President and CEO of Qualis Corporation, and Dr. Ronald Slaughter, Associate Professor of Political Science at Alabama A&M University.

"I am honored and grateful to have Tom and Carter heading up this process for me. Together they have years of experience fighting for North Alabama on both sides of the aisle," said Griffith. "We have many challenges facing our community and our country, and I will rely on advice and support from across the region to prepare me as I begin my service in January."

Assisting the Team as Transition Director will be Joey Ceci, a former Cramer staffer who managed Griffith's campaign. Congressman Bud Cramer will also serve the committee in an advisory role.

Griffith also plans to announce several more Transition Committees to assist in preparing his congressional agenda in the next few days.  Plans call for a series of committees to examine several issues of importance over the next six weeks in order to provide input to Griffith regarding priorities on topics from missile defense, BRAC, Bellefonte, Shoals Economic Development, NASA, and other issues.