Three Brothers Take Honor Flight Trip

Three Brothers Take Honor Flight Trip

All week long we've been celebrating the sacrifice and service of our veterans.

WAFF 48 News Anchor Lee Marshall has the story of the Gore brothers.

Donald, Edward and Starling Gore are brothers and solider's.

Donald is the youngest, "Well I was in the Navy 28 months. I went in actually right at the end of WWII and served 18 months aboard a life cruiser, USS Vicksburg."

Edward, is the middle brother, "Army, 100th infantry division."

Starling is the oldest, and as a military police officer, he had an historic assignment, "I was the honor guard for President Roosevelt's body when he was lying in state here in Washington. Yeah. Wow...lay in state here one day and then went to Hyde Park the next day."

This trip to Washington D.C., was their day to see their memorial.

Starling said, "It is wonderful. It is wonderful. I didn't dream it would be that. It was good; I enjoyed every bit of it."

Edward said, "Well to be here with my brothers and I can't believe the reception we get. It's unreal."

Donald adds, "I'm really kind of a sentimental person, not from my war experience, but just thinking about what other people went through."

Remembering the sacrifice, of those who served: the Gore brothers, three members of America's greatest generation.

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