Riley awards grants for sewer improvements in Lawrence County

Gov. Bob Riley has awarded two Community Development Block Grants totaling $900,000 to help Moulton and Town Creek make improvements to their sewer systems and eliminate public health hazards.

A $500,000 grant will help Moulton place new lining inside leaky sewer lines that serve homes and businesses near downtown. Town Creek will use a $400,000 grant to upgrade the city's wastewater treatment plant and replace deteriorating sewer lines. "Community Development Block Grants enable communities to undertake vital projects that local governments might otherwise be unable to afford," Riley said. "I commend Moulton and Town Creek officials for undertaking improvements to eliminate heath hazards and provide a better quality of life for residents." In Moulton, deteriorating clay sewer pipes that serve 190 houses near downtown have created a health hazard by leaking raw sewage onto yards and streets.

To remedy the situation, Moulton will place a plastic lining inside about 18,000 feet of the pipe. City officials expect the lining to last at least 50 years. Moulton is contributing $80,000 to the project. Crumbling clay pipes also are posing a health threat to 247 residents in Town Creek. Cracks are allowing sewage to seep onto yards, streets and ditches along College, Vine, Lemay, Lansdell, Owens, Meridith and Allen streets as well as along portions of Alabama highways 20 and 101. The cracks also allow storm water to enter the sewer lines and overwhelm the town's treatment plant during heavy rains. The project will include the replacement of more than 7,000 feet of sewer pipe with PVC pipe. The city plans to increase the capacity of the treatment plant to accommodate storm water overflow. Town Creek is contributing $430,386 to the project.

The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs is administering the awards from funds made available by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Riley notified Moulton and Town Creek officials that the grants had been awarded.

Moulton will contribute $80,000 toward their project and Town Creek has committed $430,386 for the upgrades it is undertaking.