Kids to Love introduces DeWayne

DeWayne loves motors.

He likes to build them, fix them and race them. It takes his mind off of his life.

"I've been in a bad situation all of my life," he says.

DeWayne is 16 and has been in foster care as long as he can remember.

"They said they found me when I was a baby without diaper changed, stuff like that, no electricity, no lights, no water, no food, diaper dirty, everything so they got me out of there," DeWayne says.

He has grown up in foster care and has been moved in and out of a lot of homes.

"Maybe 20," he says.

Moving so much makes it hard for DeWayne to focus on being a kid.

"I'm trying to focus on football & I'm focusing on am I going to get sent off and stuff," he says.

DeWayne knows that most people looking to adopt want babies but he still has hope that he will find a forever family.

"If I get adopted it would mean a lot to me. It would mean I get a family that can love me, that can trust me that I get to spend the rest of my life with instead of moving or worrying about moving to a different foster homes, schools. I would be in that home forever," DeWayne says.

Are you the one who will help DeWayne turn his luck around?

For more information on adoption and foster care you can call toll free 1-866-4-AL-KIDS.