Austin High students into video production

DECATUR, Ala. (AP) - Warren McLemore's video technology class at Austin High School could be producing some future Hollywood or Broadway producers.

McLemore is teaching the students how, using industry standards, to make a movie, television show or commercial.

They start with the basics such as script writing, character development, storyboarding and budgeting.

The students have to research the costs associated with a real Hollywood production, such as talent, props, special effects, writers and crew, even though their small productions won't come close.

McLemore requires each student to write a script and character profiles.

Senior Sarah Tryon says her group wrote a script together about a regular guy who falls in love with a vampire, but his werewolf sister is trying to kill the vampire.

Says Tryon: "It's got a lot of raw emotion behind it." The reviews aren't in yet.

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