One woman almost missed her Honor Flight

One woman almost missed her Honor Flight

Honor flight is an emotional trip for the World War II veterans.

You'll meet a woman who almost didn't make this historic trip.

WAFF 48 News Anchor Lee Marshall has this Honor Flight report.

127 WWII veterans were scheduled to fly, and 127 took flight on the sixth honor flight, but one, almost missed the flight.

Marjorie Torzillo was in the hospital all last week and almost missed honor flight.

Joe Fitzgerald with Honor Flight said, "On Friday she was released from the hospital. And she changed her mind and wanted to go."

She wasn't going to let a hospital stay keep her from spending her birthday aboard Honor Flight.

She served in the WAC, as an X-ray technician.

She almost passed up the Honor Flight opportunity.

Torzillo said, "At first I thought well, that's real nice, but I don't think I should go, but friends talked me into it."

And she is glad she listened.

Joe Fitzgerald said, "Today's her birthday, how can you turn that down?  She came this morning. She's here. It's her birthday and she's having a great flight."

I met Ms. Marjorie's daughter at the airport Saturday morning, she was so emotional that her mother was able to go.

By the way, Ms. Marjorie's birthday was celebrated on the flight home with a cake.

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