Rail Road Crossing to be Closed Thursday

Rail Road Crossing to be Closed Thursday

By Bobby Shuttleworth
WAFF 48 News Reporter

This section of Nuclear Plant Road over the railroad tracks has been compared to a roller coaster, but not as smooth.

People who live and work here say by the time you actually get across the tracks, if you've got any kind of speed at all, you're practically airborne.

J.O. Breeding has lived in this area for decades,  "Jump 'em. That's the only way to get across...the rails were sticking up that high! that was hard on vehicles and hard on you, too."

Even visitors like Mary Baugh say they don't like the crossing either, "They rough. I have to slow down, just to ease across them, cause it's so....so much of the tracks is sticking up....and you got to be careful to come across."

Next door at the "Bark Avenue Pet Resort, there have been complaints....not by the customers.... But their owners.   Cathy Oakley is one of the owners, "The road is a tremendous problem. And I've had several clients when they come out here.....where they've said, well I hope the tracks fixed before I have to come back, because it is rough."

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