Sagging economy hits Sand Mountain industrial sector

Sagging economy hits Sand Mountain industrial sector

By Trang Do
WAFF 48 News Reporter

The city of Albertville is known for its many industrial plants.

But now the area faces challenges from our current economic crisis.

WAFF 48 News spoke to people who live and work in the area.

Many were too afraid to appear on camera.

But they told us with recent reductions in their hours, they fear their jobs may be on the line.

In the heart of Sand Mountain's Industrial Park stands a convenience store selling everything from sodas and cigarettes to homemade ice cream.

Don Sanders owns a little shop that serves the area's factory workforce.

"We feed a lot of folks out here, Mueller is one of them. TS Tech is across the road here, Parker, Federal Mogul, Alatrade plants, they have three plants," Sanders said. "Just about everybody out here sooner or later gets some Uncle Don's food."

Customers we spoke to say the recent economic crisis has hit Albertville's industrial sector hard.

"It's hard just to go and apply someplace because they want temporary people so they can get their job caught up and send them home," said Albertville resident Danyon Croy.

So when local factories hit hard times, it all trickles down to small businesses like at "Uncle Don's."

"Well certainly I feed a lot of them," Sanders said. "But when it gets like that, certainly more of them are going to brown-bag it or maybe skip a day."

But Sanders says he believes relief may be on the horizon.

"I think when the election's over, people will feel much better about it," he said. "They'll be more settled and know what's going to happen. Maybe that'll help a lot of it."

Sanders tells us he's seen another effect of the slumping economy.

When he posts a job opening, he'll get nearly two dozen applicants in a few weeks, instead of just two or three he got in previous years.

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