Sand Mountain school has eight sets of twins

SAND MOUNTAIN, Ala. (AP) - Students and teachers are seeing double at the Big Spring Lake Kindergarten School.

There are eight sets of twins in school this fall - one boy-girl set, two sets of girls and five sets of boys.

Principal Tracy Penney said said, "This is, by far, the most I have seen in tahe school at one time."

No one has been able to prove as true a reort the school once had a dozen sets of twins.

Two years ago there were six sets of twins in the school.

Most years, the school will have one or two sets of twins.

The 2008-09 twins include Corey and Tony Hansard, Fiorela and Betzaida Lopez, Jerome and Jrevone Ligor, Luz Maria and Luz Darlin Antonio-Diaz, Andrew and Hannah Rodgers, Karlos and Ruben Serna, Austin and Nathan Stewart and George Floyd Dobbins IV and V, commonly referred to as Joel and Evan.

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