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Lawrence County Commissioner faces DUI charges

By Bobby Shuttleworth
WAFF 48 News Reporter


People in Lawrence County got a surprise Monday.     

One of their county commissioners was arrested over the weekend with driving under the influence.   

Lawrence County residents are talking about an elected politician who ran afoul of the law.  

Sheriff's investigator Tim McWhorter said, "The sheriff's office received a call from a motorist, on a possible intoxicated driver."     

The officers who made the stop discovered it was a community leader.  
McWhorter said, "The driver of the vehicle was Commissioner John Terry."     

Commissioner Terry spent Sunday in jail after the stop on Highway 157.

Lawrence County is a place where small town values rank high.  

Most of the people we talked with were very surprised when they heard about these charges.

"I really think he should be punished like we would.   He's no better than we are."  

"The people are wonderful, but they don't do a good job in electing officials. They elect them based on who they are instead of what they know and the officials that are in right now, they need to clean them out and start over."

"You would think he would not be doing that because he should be a man of responsibility.   So I think it's kind of sad."  

"I'm kind of worried about putting our lives in the hands of all these commissioners and sheriffs you know, and everybody like that. It's a shame."

McWhorter says they kept him for a 12 hour time period, before he was released on $1,500 bond, just like any other DUI case.  

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