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Shoals woman mauled by dogs

By Josh Ault
WAFF 48 News Reporter


A Shoals woman says she is lucky to be alive after being attacked by two dogs in her neighborhood. The attack happened Sunday morning when a Tuscumbia woman was walking her dog.

Melissa York says Sunday is a day she will not forget. York said, "I honestly thought I was going to die."

She was walking her parent's Yorkie Terrier named Trixie.

"I looked up and there were 2 boxers running toward me," said York.

The dogs started attacking York.  They bit her arms, leaving serious bruising.  Trixie was also bitten on her back.

York said, "They were pulling on my pants.  I thought they would pull my pants off."

She ran onto a porch to try to get away, but the dogs continued to attack.

"I saw the dog get my arm in its mouth, it was pulling, jerking, I was trying no to jerk my arm.  I didn't want to rip the flesh off," said York.

She says after what seemed like eternity, a couple of people driving by stopped to help.

York said, "I'm very concerned they are going to do this again."

The Colbert County Health Department identified the owner as Lawanda Tirtle.  Tirtle lives just a few houses away from York.

"They never came back out, never asked how we were doing or anything," said York.

York just wants something done, so these dogs will not attack another person in the neighborhood.

York said, "It's too much dog for this neighborhood."

The health department has quarantined the dogs for 10 days.  They say the dogs are up-to-date on their shots, and say if they are found to have nothing wrong with them, they will be released back to the owners.

The owners of the dogs have been cited for not having their dogs properly contained.  There are no vicious dog ordinances in Tuscumbia.

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