Shoals Vet Misses Honor Flight by Month

By Christie Ileto
WAFF 48 News Reporter

Two purple hearts.

Three bronze stars.

Memories Lionel White has of his father and his service to the country.

A decorated World War II veteran, who missed his chance to see the memorial at our nation's capital by just a month.

"Told him in the hospital he was scheduled to go Oct 11th. His eyes lit up and he was really looking forward to the trip," Lionel White.

A trip White said was always up in the air.

There was always that chance his father would never be able to make.

"I thought about that when I was signing him up that's one reason I wanted the T-shirt," he said.

A shirt Horace White was buried in after he passed August 29th.

Another piece of memorabilia, but this time worn on his own personal mission to a better place.

"He went on his honor flight, but it was further than Washington DC. We're at peace that he's where he needs to be."

And from his final resting place, White says his father's spirit will live on through his family's memories.

"How he brought me up... He was very honest and a trustworthy person, and that's what he taught me to be," said White.

Horace White was 83 when he passed away.

His burial flag will be presented in the October 11th Ceremony at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC.

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