Deadly shooting under investigation

Deadly shooting under investigation

By Tory Dunnan
WAFF 48 News Reporter

Police say this murder is still under investigation. But they spent much of the morning looking for a crime scene at spots around the city including here at the Burger King on North Memorial Parkway and Pratt Avenue.
Police say Heather Clemmons died at Huntsville hospital Sunday night. She was shot in the stomach. Her aunt was too upset to show her face on camera.

"If I needed her, she was there," she said. "She was nice and easygoing, she was quiet. She was more a self person. She kept to her and her family. She didn't mess around with no outsiders. And anyone like."

We're told that Clemmons lived at the Burgundy Square Apartments. Even people who live across the street say they are affected by the deadly shooting.

"I'm scared, I'm ready to move," said neighbor Cassie Connally.

Even apartment managers are uneasy about the situation.

"We'd like you to leave now," she told us.

Police tell us Jonathan Foster drove Clemmons to the hospital. They questioned him overnight. Some people we talked with know the two.

"He seems pretty quiet, kinda sticks to himself but I couldn't expect him to do anything like this,"Connally told us.

If you have any information about this deadly shooting, please call Huntsville police at 256-722-7100. In Huntsville. Tory Dunnan. WAFF 48 news.

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