Summer Olympic games have Huntsville connection

Summer Olympic games have Huntsville connection

By Elizabeth Gentle
WAFF 48 News Reporter

Opening ceremonies were held to officially kick off the summer olympic games.

This year, Huntsville has a special tie to NBC's coverage from Beijing.

The US Olympics held in Beijing broadcast on NBC.

This year, with a Huntsville connection.

Aegis Technologies Group in Research Park is providing the network with access to a 3-D digital model of the Olympic site during the games broadcast.

With this technology, NBC will be able to virtually "fly" around the events and offer its audience simulated views of the inside and outside of the Beijing sporting events.

It's all made possible through technology developed here at home.

"On this one we just went and marketed to NBC and said we thought this was a real state of the art and improvements in which these venues can be shown they liked it and hired us to do the work," said President and CEO Steve Hill.

The 3-D modeling will provide a richer viewer experience and a unique perspective of Beijing and the sporting events.

It also allows for smooth transition and will show a highly accurate imagery.

"It's really gratifying when you get done that its so realistic and so much like you are there," said Hill.

You may already have seen some of the 3-D images.

Snippets of the project were used this week during the Today Show.

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