TCAP back on the streets tracking clues on wanted sex offenders

TCAP back on the streets tracking clues on wanted sex offenders

For two days, the WAFF 48 To Catch a Predator team has been on the streets, tracking three wanted sex offenders.

All are convicted of sexual crimes against children and all were wanted for violating terms of their release from prison.

We recently introduced you to them by airing their mug shots on our WAFF 48 To Catch a Predator segment.

One, you've seen several times before on our segment.

He was featured multiple times in 2007 for not complying with sex offender notification aws.

But we took it a step further and wanted to get out in those communties to see what we could find on these men.

Beginning Monday morning, we covered Madison and Marshall Counties, traveling to businesses, knocking on doors, asking many questions.

Here's where our investigation led us.

Jeffery Allen Smith is wanted by the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say he moved without giving notice.

We went to his old neigbhorhood in Gurley.

We were led to this home, a cabin off Shooting Star Trail, that neighbors say Smith built, but Smith was nowhere to be found.

We showed his picture to a neighbor who said Smith used to live in that cabin, but he's been gone about three years.

We were told he has family in Cullman, but Smith could be anywhere and it's important to call authorities if you've seen him.

On Monday, we were also on a mission to find Robert Earl Little, a frequent offender featured on our segment.

Madison County Investigator Shawn McClure says, "We've arrested him several times for violation of the Community Notification Act."

The last address he gave McClure was Mt. Lebanon Rd. in Toney.

But McClure is on top of his game when it comes to checking on sex offenders in his county, and a random, home visit to that address had the investigator issuing a warrant.

We knocked on several doors and chatted with many different neighbors in the area.

No one knew him.

We got a tip little was working at the Country Inn and Suites on University Dr. in Huntsville.

The general manager confirmed he was doing maintenance work for them through a contractor.

But after four days of work, Little was asked not to come back after employees recently saw he was wanted on television.

When Little was MIA twice in 2007, we went to a relative's house.

We stopped by Monday morning, afternoon, and once again Tuesday morning.

After a little waiting, three people came out and told us little turned himself the night before.

Madison County Investigators confirmed he was booked into the Madison County Jail late Monday night.

Monday we also traveled to Marshall County where Douglas Olechowski was wanted.

No one was at his last known address on Brown's Valley Rd. in Guntersville.

During our interview Sheriff Scott Walls said, "He typically does construction work... We got a phone call actually in the last couple of hours from Mr. Olechowski here at the jail, said he would turn himself in, but he was going to turn himself in on his own time."

Walls said he was likely doing construction work in the Florence/Muscle Shoals area.

He was asking people to call them if they had seen him.

Guess what?

Tuesday afternoon we got a follow-up call from the Marshall County Sheriff's Office.

Olechowski turned himself into the Marshall County Jail.

That's two off the streets and also great work by law enforcement.

The Madison and Marshall County Sheriff Offices are doing an excellent job informing the public and keeping track of these offenders.

But remember, Jeffery Allen Smith is still wanted.

It's important to call Investigator McClure at the Madison County Sheriff's Office at (256) 533-8866 if you've seen him or know where he is.

We'd also like to add that Orlando Timmons, featured on last week's WAFF 48 To Catch a Predator, turned himself in after he saw his mug on our broadcast.