Part 2 -- 48 Ways to Save for Back to School

48 Ways to Save for Back to School -- The next 17


1)     Check out thrift stores, garage sales and consignment shops to make purchases. One store in South Huntsville receives many of its -new- clothes and shoes from a local discount department store.

2)      Host a church or neighborhood swap of school clothes

3)      Shop for the bulk of your school clothes two to three weeks after schools starts.

4)      Sell off old clothes to buy new. Host a garage sale. Take outgrown clothes to consignment stores. You can build store credit at consignment stores and make purchases with no money changing hands!

5)     Look for sales and be patient wherever you shop. Search out closeouts or slightly imperfect clothes. There is a locally-owned surplus store that specializes in these. What you're looking for is out there, just be diligent in your pursuit!

6)  If you've got time to spare, there are deals to find in a massive store in Scottsboro that re-sells clothes from lost luggage.

7) Don't forget, many times kids grow up and not out. If a pair of pants gets too short, cut it off for capri's , shorts, skirt, purse or pillow.

8)   Get back-to-school haircuts at a cosmetology school.

9)  Use discount coupons for back to school haircuts for the many walk-in salons

10)  Let your children get one special back-to school outfit. (within reason)  that way they don't argue about getting basic, less- expensive clothes

11) Buy clothes at the end of the season for the beginning of the same season the next year.

12) Make a paper cut-out of your child's foot, carry it with you so when you find a good shoe sale, you will be able to save big.  Otherwise you will lose time, selection and gas getting your child back to the shoe sale.  Be sure to check the return policy before you buy.

13) For college bound kids, remember on-line auctions are great places for School Spirit items with logos. You can also solicit for logoed items on other websites.

14) Check out this site!  You'll find great hints on how to outfit a dorm room.

15)  Mix and match clothes, buying separate pieces helps stretch your dollar and your wardrobe.

16)   Buck the Fashion trend.  Avoid fad clothes and stick with the basics

17)  Shop online, ask local stores if they will price match the online price.