Part 1 -- 48 Ways to Save for Back to School


1)  Get organized, print a supply list and stick to it. Don't wait until the last minute or you'll pay more.

2)   Inventory book bags to recycle and re-use

3)   Comparison shop locally and on-line ( remember to save gas, shop stores that are close in proximity)

4)   Consider buying supplies in bulk

5)   Look at the price per unit for realized savings and watch the cash register to verify you're getting the sale price.

6)  Check out "dollar" stores

7)  Buy off brands when possible

8)  Wait to buy supplies on clearance, the best deals are at the -end- of the supply shopping season (well after school starts)

9)  Look for coupons/rebates

10) Buy one large hand sanitizer and small ones for each child and refill year-round using the large one

11) Backpacks; avoid buying special-themed bags. Look for quality and guarantee so it will last for several years.

12)  Kids in college?  Look for textbooks online, at the used bookstore. Ask professors for names of previous students to contact with whom to buy. Make sure its the correct edition. Follow our link for more hints.

13) Carpool

14)  Eligible to ride the bus? RIDE IT ! It saves your gas and its paid for.

15)  Allow your kids one special back-to-school item, so they don't argue about getting basic, less expensive supplies.

16)  If parents employer is upgrading/ cleaning out, notebooks and other supplies, might be available for free!