Albertville passes ordinance against overcrowding

Albertville passes ordinance against overcrowding

By Trang Do
WAFF 48 News Reporter

One Valley town's newest ordinance is aimed at battling overcrowding and keeping property values up.

Albertville's city council is cleaning up, and it's starting with property owners. The council unanimously voted Monday night to enact an ordinance against overcrowded, cramped dwellings.

"Limits the number of people in a household to two people per bedroom, and this is for the adults. This is not concerning the minors," said Councilwoman Jeannie Courington.

Courington is a landlord herself and feels it's the right move to ensure residents' well-being.

"This is directed more for the safety issue and health concerns than anything else," she said. "That is the main reason that we're doing this. It's not to target anything or anyone."

Landlords found to be in violation will first be given a warning and time to fix the issue. If they don't comply, they could face up to $500 in fines and six months in jail.

Council members say this is just a first step in encouraging property owners to help beautify the community.

"We've had some good response and good feedback from some landlords," Courington said. "Of course you naturally always have some negative feedback from people, but I think if people work with us and give us a chance that this will be something that will be a betterment for our town."

And council members say this is only the beginning. They're hoping to have a broader rental ordinance in place before the end of the council's term.

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