Electricfil Corporation is now hiring engineers & lab techs!

Electricfil Corporation Jobs

Company Information:

Electricfil Corporation is a privately-held, French-owned company headquartered in Beynost, France.  The company has been in business for 72 years.

Electricfil serves the automotive industry and is focused on powertrain intelligence.  Electricfil's multiple expertise is recognized by virtually every automobile maker and major OEM in the world.

A tier one supplier, the company focuses on the essential functions which optimize engine performance, reduce fuel consumption and improve vehicle comfort, while reducing costs.  Fields of expertise include:

  • Ø Engine control, ignition, and injection solutions: encoded sensors, VR sensors, innovative coils, very high precision actuators for common-rail diesel injection...
  • Ø Transmission solutions for robotized "electronic" manual automatic gear boxes and Mechatronic systems solutions: active sensors, multifunction sensors...
  • Ø Energy, passenger compartment and temperature solutions: current sensors, temperature sensors, sensors for new systems using alternative energy solutions...

Electricfil is a global company with manufacturing plants, offices and subsidiaries in the US, France, Germany, Spain, Turkey, China, Japan, and Australia.  (Manufacturing sites are in the US, France, Turkey and China.)

In August 2004, Electricfil established a new plant, located in Elkmont, Alabama that is fully dedicated to the production of sensors.  This facility is growing with many new products scheduled to go into production in 2009 and beyond.  In preparation for this growth, Electricfil is recruiting candidates to fill the following new positions:

  • Product Engineers
  • Process Engineer (Automation Specialty)
  • Process Engineer (Molding & Tooling Expertise)
  • Development Quality Engineers
  • Supplier Quality Engineers
  • Lab Technicians (Electronics, Statistical Analysis, Quality)

Candidates interested in becoming part of our growing operation should send their resume and salary requirements to:  hr-us@electricfil.com.  Additional information about our company and its product line can be found at www.electricfil.com.

All engineering positions require an engineering degree in electrical, mechanical or industrial engineering and a minimum of 3 years related work experience.  Lab Tech positions require a minimum of a 2 year technical degree or equivalent industry experience. Experience in the automotive industry and/or electronics is preferred for all positions.

Additional information concerning available positions:

Product Engineer

  • Evaluate customer requirements versus existing Electricfil guidelines/ designs; lead development of new systems/components
  • Manage and execute multiple existing and new product development projects simultaneously from concept through design, development, documentation and assembly.
  • Create manufacturing equipments and fixtures specifications
  • Direct the initial phases of tool engineering and tryout of new or modified tooling.
  • Create and maintain detailed project plans including product requirement documents, development budgets, manpower forecasts, technical objectives, schedules, project and product cost estimates.
  • Create and maintain product and part records using appropriate systems and processes.
  • Provide manufacturing support for assigned product lines.
  • Manage and coordinate cost reduction projects.

Process Engineer Automation Specialty

  • Support New Product Introduction projects for injection molding,
  • Design, develop and manage building production injection molding tools,
  • Design, develop and manage building prototype injection molding tools,
  • Develop technical specification/requirements, schedule, and cost estimates for manufacturing/prototype injection molds,
  • Recommend and manage purchasing injection molding equipments,
  • Validate injection molding process by conducting experiments (DOE) to verify key performance characteristics to ensure parts are with specification
  • Analyze process data statistically, and implement improvements for molding performance, quality and productivity,
  • Conduct mold and press set-ups, including all auxiliary equipment,
  • Establish, maintain, and improve Preventive Maintenance procedures, tasks, and schedules for injection molding,
  • Provide training in all aspects of injection molding processes,
  • Conduct experiments, analyze data, evaluate raw materials,
  • Evaluate safety procedure in injection molding and implement improvements,
  • Provide reports to support improvement plans and actions,
  • Develop process control documentation, including work instructions, PFMEA, and process control parameters.
  • Experience in designing, developing and installing new Automatic and Semi-automatic manufacturing equipment,
  • Experience equipment/process validation experience,
  • Experience in producing detailed user system requirements for automated systems,
  • Experience in producing preventive maintenance plan for new/existing equipment.
  • Automation and controls background with machine building experience is preferred,
  • Programming skills (PLC, LabVIEW, or other languages) is a plus.
  • Working knowledge of Controls, PLC,AutoCAD, pneumatic and hydraulics is a plus.

Process Engineer Molding and Tooling Specialty

  • Develop manufacturing concept, technical specification/requirements, schedule, and cost estimates for manufacturing process or system,
  • Design, develop and build test prototype equipment/tooling,
  • Manage internal or out-sourced manufacturing system development,
  • Validate production systems by conduct experiments to verify key performance characteristics to ensure that production systems reliability manufacture products to specifications,
  • Integrate systems into manufacturing processes by Establish operating and maintenance procedures.
  • Auditing and qualifying new suppliers of industrial equipment,
  • Train operators on existing processes/training for new processes,
  • Continuous process and system improvements to increase equipment reliability and capacity and to improve final product quality by investigating ways to optimize manufacturing process,
  • Conducting safety tests and removing potential hazards,
  • Interfaces with Quality and Product Engineering integrate new products or processes into the existing manufacturing area,
  • Experience in high precision plastic injection molding,
  • Experience in Scientific molding,
  • Plastic injection molding development experience,
  • Process automation & controls relation to injection molding equipment,
  • Experience in Statistical Design of Experiments (DOE),
  • Experience in Molding Making is a plus.

Development Quality Engineer

  • Development of required documentation to support new product launches.
  • Serves as "Gatekeeper" to ensure all steps are completed and documented in the appropriate order.
  • Investigation of opportunities for improvement and / or reduction of costs (e.g. Trouble Shooting and Root Cause Analysis).
  • Conducting and documenting training to site personnel as required to support new product introductions.
  • Interfaces closely with Engineering to ensure flawless Product Launches (Reviews New Product Introduction process for completeness & adequacy to AIAG, Electricfil & Customer standards).
  • Uses classic Quality skills (e.g. SPC, GRRs, and Capability Studies).
  • Evaluates techniques and instructions in site documentation, and implements changes as needed.
  • Works to improve IMTE hardware and software; as well as, fixtures used at site to support new introductions.

Supplier Quality Engineer

  • This position will actively evaluate and develop EFC & EFC supply base injection molding and processing capabilities.
  • In particular, this position will be in responsible for managing the development (following quality development guidelines) and on time PPAP from vendors of plastic components. These developments will be done under the supervision of engineering program manager.
  • This position will also be responsible under engineering supervision for the development of all injection molding and overmolding tools for in house use.
  • Analyzes supplier data, and investigates opportunities for improvement and / or reduction of costs (e.g. Trouble Shooting and Root Cause Analysis). This includes actively interacting with suppliers on such things as SCARs (Supplier Corrective Action Requests) resolution as documented in CA Web.
  • Conducts training to site & supplier personnel in injection molding techniques/tools.
  • Interfaces with other Engineering & Quality components within company; as well as Customer Representatives, in resolution of Quality Issues (e.g. QFD, SCARs, 8D, 5 Whys) and ensuring flawless Product Launches (Reviews Supplier PPAPs for completeness & adequacy to AIAG standards & Customer Requirements as applicable).
  • Uses classic Quality skills (e.g. SPC, GRRs, and Capability Studies).
  • Record, and verify on site, Supplier Corrective and Preventive Actions for effectiveness and maintain an effective Supplier Improvement Program as evidenced by reduced Supplier PPM levels and improved On-Time-Delivery.
  • Evaluates techniques and instructions in supplier documentation, and implements changes as needed.
  • Actively involved in product development, working to improve supplier techniques/ processes, IMTE hardware and software; as well as, fixtures/gages used at suppliers.

Lab Technicians (Electronics, Statistical Analysis, Quality)

  • Responsible for conducting design/product and process validation tests such as corrosion, environmental, material analysis, and mechanical,
  • Responsible for conducting daily laboratory routine tasks including maintenance tasks of laboratory equipment utilized,
  • Supporting laboratory testing in creating and deploying of product DVP&R schedules,
  • Creating, reporting, and posting final test reports
  • Providing support in the recommendation, design, and development of test apparatus such as test fixtures and other necessary tools,
  • Utilizing MSA statistical studies in the validation and verification of laboratory testing
  • Communicate with EFI Validation Laboratory