Ways to improve NOAA weather radio reception

WAFF 48 Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Brad Travis met with the National Weather Service  and a representative from Midland Radio to discuss the problem of poor or spotty weather radio reception.

The National Weather Service and the Midland Radio have made some suggestions to improve you weather radio's reception.

  • Be sure your weather radio is tuned to the appropriate frequency for your area. If you need help doing this, consult this page.
  • Be sure your weather radio is not located near florescent lights, cell phones or a television because those items can interfere with your reception.
  • Be sure your antennae is extended and pointed in the direction of the transmitter from which your weather radio receives the National Weather Service signal. If you don't know where your transmitter is located, call WAFF 48 at 256-533-4848 during normal business hours.
  • Place your weather radio near a window.
  • Review you weather radio's manual for other suggestions on improving reception.
  • If you still receive poor reception, you can purchase an external antennae from the weather radio manufacturer. Look at your weather radio's manual for contact information for the manufacturer or call WAFF 48 at 256-533-4848.
  • Some weather radio manufacturer websites are:
  • Midland Radio - www.midlandradio.com
  • Radio Shack - www.radioshack.com
  • OregonScientific - www.oregonscientific.com