Update on March barn fire

Update on March barn fire

By Tory Dunnan
WAFF 48 News Reporter

You might remember an early morning barn fire on Maysville road March 5. Owner Jim Cree cried as he looked on, helpless.

"Caught the barn on fire, burnt two of my horses up, killed my baby goats," he said.

Stakes in the ground show where the new barn will be rebuilt. Cree thought he might lose his favorite horse, Betty.

Today she's covered in burn marks, but lucky to still be alive.  After our story aired, family members say an anonymous donor came forward and offered to pay for half the vet bill.

"They've been helping donate food and hay and they've donated some couple of blankets and they've donated money," said Crystal Witt, Cree's daughter-in-law.

"They've called wanting to help and everything, they've wanted to come out and build, help rebuild and check on Betty," said Amber Sisk, Cree's niece.

This tin is all that remains of the barn holding in the baby goats. That's why the family is asking for your help to come out, pick up a hammer and help.

"We want to thank everybody who has helped and offered to help and if anyone else wants to help, we'd appreciate it," said Witt.

If you would like to help, you can donate to the "Save Betty Fund" at any Redstone Federal Credit Union.

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