Candidates call for Cuba to release political prisoners

Candidates call for Cuba to release political prisoners

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton says the U.S. should seek ways to encourage democratic reforms in Cuba now that Fidel Castro has resigned.

Speaking in a diner in Ohio, Clinton says the U.S. needs a president that will work to gather international support in pushing Cuba to become a democracy. Clinton says she would do so as president.

Clinton is also joining rival Barack Obama and Republican candidate John McCain in the call for political prisoners in Cuba to be released.

Obama also called for the U.S. to get ready to ease the five-decade-old trade embargo if Cuba's leaders start moving toward democracy.

And McCain says even though Castro has stepped down, "freedom for the Cuban people is not yet at hand." He says the U.S. must push for Cuba to hold internationally monitored elections, and to legalize all political parties, labor unions and free media.