Murder suspect wants to attend victim's funeral

Murder suspect wants to attend victim's funeral

Shaun Shapley sits in jail, charged with the murder of his 17-year-old stepdaughter.

Jennifer Bragg was found shot and strangled Friday. She later died at the hospital.

Attorney Joseph Daniel was appointed to represent Shaun Shapley.  He says his client is grief-stricken.

"Mister Shapley is devastated over the loss of his daughter, and we are anxious to get on with our investigation," said Attorney Daniel.

Daniel's first move was to make Shapley's request to attend his step-daughter's funeral.

"The state's objection has denied that request he will not be allowed to do that," he said.

"It was our view that he would be a disruption or a potential disruptive impact at the funeral service. So we're happy the judge denied the request," said District Attorney Chris Connolly.

Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly says investigators have been working non-stop, but his work is just beginning.

There are a lot of unanswered questions and they're just now beginning the homicide investigation," he said.

The autopsy report is still months from being completed, with a ruling on how Jennifer Bragg died.

"That preliminary report is the doctor's medical opinion of what happened, the other additional medical work will supplement that finding that it was strangulation death," Connolly said.