Telemedicine comes to Franklin County Jail

Telemedicine comes to Franklin County Jail

For minor aches and pains, rather than leaving the jail to seek health care, inmates can now see a physician using a video screen.

"For minor problems and for things that can be dealt with by the nurse at the jail with oversight be my here, this is every effective," said William Wilkinson, M.D.

Contract physician Dr. William Wilkinson says nothing can replace a face to face consult with a patient, but this system will help him be in two places at once.

"The jail is obviously not my primary practice, but the nurse can call me over he, I can walk into my office, decide on the disposition and go from there," he said.

Health officials say this system is very effective because it's done in real time, as if the doctor is treating the inmate face to face.

"The HD technology is such that you can get a good visual examination," said Dr. Wilkinson.

"It's as clear as it can be, so there shouldn't be a whole lot of difference, rather than actually touching the person," said Nurse Misty Hutchens.

Senior Misty Hutchens this will allow the inmate to get frequent medical attention.

"It will allow the inmates to communicate in live time with them as needed instead of them having to wait for a physician to come here," said Hutchens.