February voting a first in Alabama

February voting a first in Alabama

Tomorrow will be the first February voting day in Alabama and it may be a first for voter turnout.

Limestone County is registering a lot of new voters.

Predicting voter turn-out isn't always easy, especially now when you have to consider everything from absentee voting to the weather.

Limestone Probate Judge Mike Davis says there's really no way to give an accurate prediction about voter turnout.

"Generally the litmus test is absentee voting, and this year absentee voting from the last general election was down about a half. In the past we would say it would be about half a turnout."

But this is a year of firsts, the first February presidential preference election.

"Voter registration has increased at a greater rate than normal, which could be an indicator that a turnout could be heavier than what we expect."

That increase in registration, Davis says, means more people are interested in this election and the candidates.

But there is another factor...the weather.

"Generally with the older, senior citizens of our community. And those are the ones that you normally count on coming to the polls. And if it's a severe weather threat, that happens...it will effect turnout. How much? I'm not sure."

Alabama voters with election law questions or complaints related to tomorrow's primary can contact the state attorney general's office hotline at 1-800-831-8814.

An attorney specializing in election law will take calls today through Wednesday from 8 a.m. To 5 p.m.