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Florida exit polling suggests economy top issue for GOP voters

MIAMI AP) - With polls suggesting John McCain and Mitt Romney in a tight race to win today's Florida primary, there's fresh information on what's on the mind of GOP voters in the state.

Exit polling suggests the economy was the top issue for nearly half of them.

Terrorism, the war in Iraq and immigration followed in importance.

And in a state that's a magnet for retirees, more than one-third of the voters were 65 or older.

The poll was conducted for The Associated Press and the television networks.

Rudy Giuliani -- the early front-runner who seems to have faded -- and Iowa winner Mike Huckabee are struggling for survival.

The winner stands to gain all 57 national convention delegates at stake, the biggest prize so far in an early round of primaries and caucuses.

The Democratic primary is controversial by its very existence, being held earlier in the year than national party officials had wanted. That makes it a nonbinding popularity contest with no delegates awarded on the basis of the outcome.

Election officials say the turnout has been good and there have been few problems.

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