Clinton criticizes Obama after rancorous debate

Clinton criticizes Obama after rancorous debate

WASHINGTON (AP) - Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama continue to trade jabs a day after a rancorous debate in South Carolina.

Speaking to reporters in Washington, Clinton said Obama was "looking for a fight" in his criticisms of her in last night's debate.

The two argued over the Iraq war and former President Clinton's role in the campaign, and also traded accusations of each other's work before entering politics.

Clinton says it appeared that Obama was "very frustrated" from the last week or so of campaigning and because of the outcome of the New Hampshire primary and Nevada caucuses, which she won. She says it looks as if Obama is adopting a new strategy.

Obama, meanwhile, says engaging in a war of words was all part of Clinton's strategy. In a conference call with reporters, Obama suggested that Clinton was inaccurate in her criticisms of him, and said her "looseness with the facts" erodes people's trust in the government.