Shipp lawyer speaks out

Shipp lawyer speaks out

It's been a busy two days for Kenneth Shipp's attorneys.

They were appointed Wednesday by a Madison County judge to represent the man accused of killing Huntsville Police Officer Eric Freeman.

The story in this WAFF 48 Investigator's Report.

It was just two days ago when Madison County Judge Dick Richardson placed a call assigning two attorneys for Kenneth Shipp.

One of those attorneys is Jake Watson.

"Surprised at all? Not really, but it's going to be a challenge."

A challenge that Watson knows well.

He helped defend Farron Barksdale, the man who killed two Athens Police Officers in 2004.

"They're both terrible tragedies, and when police officers are involved and the community and it's a tragedy for the whole community for the whole state for that matter."

So far, Watson has already met with Shipp he's been in jail since the night of December 14th, when police say he pulled a gun from a holster and shot and killed Officer Eric Freeman.

"He's doing as good as it's expected, he's obviously shaken too by this and his family is suffering, and it's just really a tragedy for everybody," Watson says.

It's unclear if mental experts will be called in it'll be another month before Shipp makes an appearance in court.

Shipp's primary hearing is scheduled for February 20th.

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