Officer Freeman's brother speaks to WAFF 48

Officer Freeman's brother speaks to WAFF 48

Officer Freeman's family hasn't been thinking about trials or suspects or evidence.

They're still doing their best just to deal with the emotions of this tremendous loss.

But Officer Freeman's brother Jay Freeman tells WAFF 48 News the family's burden has been eased somewhat by the community's tremendous outpouring of support.

As thousands upon thousands of dollars continued to pour into a memorial fund at Redstone Federal Credit Union set up for Officer Freeman's wife Leslie and their 5 children a couple of weeks ago, Eric's brother Jay stood watching.

He didn't want to be on camera and wasn't ready to speak for the family just yet.

But off camera, he told me he felt like he just needed to be there, for his brother.

"When I was out there at Redstone that day, I just wanted to look into the eyes of the people and shake as many hands. It ain't about the money, it's about the community coming together," said Jay.

And what he saw that day and has seen over the past couple of weeks has been "overwhelming" as he puts it.

He knows that police officers aren't always appreciated as they should be by the people they serve.

"These men and women in blue just go beyond. And to see how the people in our community came together and understood this. I'm at a loss for words."

And Jay says that support has definitely helped carry the family through the holidays.

"It helped us. The holidays, they were going to be rough. But everywhere we went, people coming up and talking to us, made your heart so warm. And for brief moments you're thinking about the love and compassion the community had."

And jay's message to this community from himself and from officer freeman's family is a simple one, but a heartfelt and powerful one.

"Thank you. We love ya'll so much."