New Years travel can be deadly

New Years travel can be deadly

The 102-hour period between Friday December 28 at 6 o'clock in the evening and midnight on New Year's Day can be a deadly one.

Alabama state troopers urge drivers to take extra precaution on the roadways.

Trooper Curtis Summerville says parties, drinking and holiday merriment can create a false sense of safety.

"It's a dangerous time because people tend to celebrate during this time of the year. Sometimes their inhibitions go away and they do things they are not supposed to do because they are feeling good and take part in alcoholic beverages."

Summerville says last year there were 10 fatalities during the New Year's travel period.

"The official period does not end until midnight tonight but so far over the state we've had 6 fatal wrecks in the state of Alabama."

"Please get a designated driver, or call someone to take you home. We urge you to wear your seatbelts."

The state troopers are doing their part, too.

"We're doing everything we can. We have additional troopers out work and they are certainly enforcing the law, strictly enforcing the law."

Summerville says the motto is prevent.

"Our whole mind set has changed. Our goal is to prevent people from being killed, not predict people being killed."