No murders in 2007 for Decatur

No murders in 2007 for Decatur

At year's end, homicide rates are going up in many cities. Birmingham has recorded 93 murders this year. Montgomery has had 44.  However, there is one Valley city breaking that cycle.

Lt. Dennis Hughes of Decatur said," For 2007, we've had zero homicides."

When so many of our neighbors are experiencing an increase, why is Decatur's rate so low?

Lt. Hughes adds, "There are a lot of reasons for that, law enforcement, better medical technology if somebody gets shot.  There are all kinds of factors and Decatur is very proud to have a zero homicide rate for the whole year."        

And this low rate can be great news when groups try to recruit for the city.

Lt. Hughes concludes, " any time you have a violent crime rate that is low, and has potential for businesses to move here and restaurants anything like that it helps out. If you have a high crime rate, people are hesitant about moving to your city."

The last time the rate was this low in Decatur was about 20 years ago.