Injured Valley soldier home for the holidays

Injured Valley soldier home for the holidays

Spending time with those you love is one of the true meanings of Christmas. However, soldiers are sometimes far away from family and friends during the holidays.

WAFF 48 talked to a soldier, who is fortunate to be close to her loved ones.

It's the tree, the sentimental ornaments, the presents, and most importantly family that 20 year old SPC Jessica Newey is taking notice of this Christmas.

"There are just things you appreciate more after you know, you start to miss them."

At this time last year, she was in Iraq with the Huntsville-based 128th Military Police Company unit.

"I think we were moving and it was raining...there wasn't really a merry christmas, it was just kinda like slushy, cold not that much snow."

This Christmas is merrier even though Specialist Newey is recovering from injuries sustained from a roadside bomb and rocket propelled grenade attack.

"You didn't even really know what day it was. You just kinda were on a schedule."

She stops to think about her holiday blessings.

"I appreciate everything: family, just getting together, waking up in my mom's house. Because last year, I was waking up alone and by myself and being able to drink coffee with other people."

Specialist Newey says it's all part of the the true meaning of Christmas. Her plans included just relaxing and enjoying time with her family.