Gunshot victim Lt. Sedric Clark reaches out to Officer Freeman's family and HPD

Gunshot victim Lt. Sedric Clark reaches out to Officer Freeman's family and HPD

On this somber day, many are reaching out to the fallen officer's family and co-workers.

One man who has taken it personally is Lt. Sedric Clark of the Guntersville Police Department.

Lt. Clark barely survived being shot in the line of duty May 01, 2006.

He is incredibly bothered by officer Freeman's death, as we all are.

But he's been there, a law enforcement officer on the wrong side of the gun. He survived, but his heart breaks for his brother in blue who did not.

It was May 2006 during a seemingly routine traffic stop and warrant arrest, when Lt. Clark says it just happened.

"I didn't see the gun. It was a surprise, as I'm sure it was for Officer Freeman," said Lt. Clark.

Favian Flores pleaded guilty to attempted murder.

He shot Clark just to the left of his vest, barely missing his heart.

"As close as that bullet came to being fatal, I don't understand why I'm still here, but I don't ask. I just thank God that I am still here," said Lt. Clark.

In his mind, he knows what could've happened, a scenario that became all too real when Officer William Eric Freeman was shot.

"The thoughts of what happened to me just come right back into my head. When I got the news that he was pronounced dead, it was something like everything in the room just disappears. You know your heart just starts to thump really hard and you're like, 'no, not again,'" said Lt. Clark.

Stunned and saddened, Lt. Clark called the Huntsville Police Department to offer condolences for his lost brother.

And to Freeman's family, he wants them to know they have his support and prayers. This from a man who nearly suffered the same fate as Freeman, doing a job they both love.

"It's really hard to know what to say to somebody that's had a big loss like that, but I would like to remind them that one day they will be able to look into his eyes again," said Lt. Clark.

Lt. Clark has also donated to the Officer William Eric Freeman Fund. He is hoping it will make life a little easier for Freeman's family. If you'd like to help, donations can be made at any Redstone Federal Credit Union.