Family of slain police chief offering words of comfort to Officer Freeman's family

Family of slain police chief offering words of comfort to Officer Freeman's family

The heartache the Freeman family is experiencing is something only a select few can truly understand, those who have been through it themselves.

The news Huntsville Police Officer William Eric Freeman was killed in the line of duty struck a nerve with Valerie Lemaster.

"It's like living it all over again," said Valerie Lemaster.

On August 15, 2003, her father, Grant Police Chief Verlon Lemaster, suffered a fate tragically similar to Freeman's.

"Shock came over me. You know, another officer had been killed. It's just hard hearing an officer go down after going through the tragedy and stuff that I've been through with mine. Knowing that it's got to hurt them as bad it did me," said Lemaster.

Freeman was allegedly shot in the head by a suspect who didn't want to go to jail for a DUI.

In Chief Lemaster's case, two teens allegedly shot him several times while he was trying to serve a juvenile pickup order.

Valerie Lemaster knows the Freeman's have a tough road ahead.

"Your heart breaks for them and you just wish you could say, you know it's going to be ok. They're just going to wonder why these people did what they did to him. And they're always going to want to know, why did it have to be him? You know that was a question I asked several times. Why, why did it have to be my dad," said Lemaster.

Valerie says it's taken her more than 4 years to get to the point she's at now, not over it, but accepting it.

She has some advice for the Freeman's.

"Keep going on and living everyday life because they don't want you to grieve or feel sorry for what they did. Because they died doing what they loved and cared for. And just always remember they're always looking down on you."

Valerie says something else that helps her is remembering the positive things about her dad.

She says it also helps thinking about all the good he did in the community he loved serving and protecting.