Hospital gives car seat inspections

Pouring rain didn't stop Killen resident, Lorelle Branham from getting her car seat inspected.

"I wanted to get our son's new car seat checked. We just got a new car seat and we've never used that latch," Branham said.

Branham has a baby boy. She says she came to ensure his safety.

"It's very important. I'm in the car a lot. I have four children. I travel a lot. I'm about and about and I want to make sure they're safe," she said.

"Just imagine being a 35mph crash, which has happened and your child not being safe," said registered nurse at Helen Keller Hospital.

Most people don't know that when a child is under the age of one, and less than 20 pounds, they must sit in a car seat facing the rear of the car.

"The child's frame, their skeletal system is not matured enough to withstand the crash forces if the were forward facing before that time," Smith said.

"if something happens, he'll be safe; and I want have to worry about him," said Red Bay resident Mandi Henson.

And this is the busiest traveling season.

"A lot of traffic on the road and the potential for accidents is a lot higher during this time of the year. So we want to make sure our kids are riding around buckled up safely," Smith said.

The hospital gives car seats to new mothers if they don't have any. The seats are donated by hospital volunteer services.