Part II: Valley Church Saves Girls from Sex Trafficking

WAFF 48 Sports Anchor Michaelene Tetteh and WAFF 48 News Anchor Jeanie Powell introduced you to a problem affecting young women worlds away.

It's a problem only getting worse... sex trafficking.

Moldova is a landlocked republic, that lies between Romania and the Ukraine.

It's the primary country in Europe where girls disappear into the global trafficking industry.

Michaelene and Jeanie recovered statistics from the International Organization for Migration.

In reference to the trafficked victims they encountered from 2005 and 2006: 82% were sexually exploited, 11% were used for labor, 4% were forced into begging, and the remaining 3% experienced multiple exploitations.

Jeanie and Michaelene already spotlighted the problem, and now they're going to tell you about people in the Valley who are determined to help these girls before they get to the streets, to show them life can be so much better.

Philip Cameron, a missionary based in Montgomery, says, "These kids are literally sex slaves all over the world."

For orphan girls in Moldova, life in anything but magical.

When they're released from government orphanages at the age of 16, they enter into a life that no adult should even see.

Most of these girls are nabbed by human traffickers and are never heard from again.

Jeanie asked Cameron, "Where is the government?  I mean, how does it get like this?  Do they not care about the children?"

Cameron says, "It's a long the climb of communism... just the effect of communism in a country."

Cameron had a vision to change these young women's lives to try and reverse the inevitable.

He's done so with Stella's House, named after one girl who lost her life at age 19 from AIDS, after being sold into sex trafficking.

Cameron says, "When they come to us they are kept in a beautiful home, they're given tremendous food, in American standard as well as Moldovan standards.  We clothe them, we provide their books for their schools, so they are given a safe haven to flourish in their active life."

Rusty Nelson is a friend of Cameron's and pastor at the Rock Family Worship Center in Huntsville.

Nelson says, "At a time where children should be enjoying childhood and because of the perversion of another person that is placing themselves on the innocence of a child, it's very out of the heart of God to rise up and do everything we can to see that and stop."

Cameron says, "They have lived all their life in a gray world.  They're always hungry.  In the winter time they're always cold, and they're always lonely.  And the door flies open, and we walk in, and color is injected into their life."

Cameron and his wife Chrissie have done what was once deemed impossible.

They got several of the girls temporary visas and brought them to the United States, to see freedom and color for the first time.

The girls made a special trip to Huntsville.

It was nice for a congregation that had been helping so long, to finally see the girls face-to-face.

Chrissie Cameron says, "A nurse, a secretary... that thought had never been allowed to enter their mind.  That was beyond anything, and they knew they could wash dishes, they knew they were qualified to do that.  To think beyond that, that was too much."

Cameron says, "The Rock has been an integral part of our outreach in Moldova.  They've given many, many times.  This last visit that I had with The Rock was just one of those once in a lifetime miracles that happened.  We received an unbelievable offering of $113,000 all in one service.  And what was crazy was, the offering was $113,000 I'd sent $25,000 as a deposit on the house.  I added 113 and 25 and it was 138."

The $138,000 was the exact amount needed to buy and build Stella's House Two.

Nelson says, "It's one of the most humbling things in the world when you see people catch a vision, when you see people get it, that life is just bigger than what they do."

People here in the Valley aren't stopping with that miraculous offering.

Some members of The Rock are taking a trip to Moldova this holiday season, taking away from their own Christmas and giving to someone else.

Cameron says, "Huntsville is known around the world for its big dreams.  You guys put people up in space.  I was astonished.  I've been doing this for 30 odd years and never had that response before.  And the bible says when you give to the poor you'll lend to the Lord.   And I believe what was given out to help those in need, will return to the Huntsville area."