Wiese family giving thanks for Matthew's progress

Wiese family giving thanks for Matthew's progress

The holidays. A time filled with laughter, lights and loved ones.

Food, football and families. Sweet thoughts, sweet treats and sweet memories.

But this year, the holidays represent something much different for the Wiese family of Toney.

September 19th, 10-year old Matthew Wiese suffered severe head injuries in a go-cart accident, leaving him at death's door.

Matthew was in a coma, kept alive by a ventilator. His family was told to tell him goodbye. His organs were ready to be donated. He was going to heaven.

But then his physicians were baffled when the "Great Physician" performed a miracle.

Matthew started breathing on his own. Doctors still can't explain it.

Matthew's trip to heaven turned into a trip to Atlanta for therapy. That's where we caught up with the Wieses.

In their own words, they share their thanks, their thoughts and their holiday wishes.

Tina: "I'm thankful he's still with us and I can hold him. I get to hold him all the time now."

Tina: "We watch him like he's an infant. We see and get all excited all over again."

Jim: "I'm just so thankful for all those people who've been praying day in and day out."

Jim: "Really the honor as a father being blessed with a son who could touch so many people."

Andrew: "That he's still with us now. That we have everything ready for him to get home."

Tina: "He is my precious little child. And I know he's God's child before mine. But I just love him to death."

Tina: "The things we take for granted when we scratch an itch, when we move in our chair, when we blink our eyes, just turn our head. That's all taken for granted. He gives us that and we want to jump up and down."

Tina: "I will not ever feel sorry. He is a true blessing to me and I will not go there because God has given me that strength to say everything's going to be okay."

Andrew: "It looks better that he'll be out of a coma in no time."

Jim: "Right now I'm so excited about getting him home, taking him to school, taking him to church, letting his friends see him."

Jim: "We've become much closer and have a different, totally different outlook on what Thanksgiving and Christmas will be this year."

Jim: "We don't know what to expect, but God knows and we're just going along with it."