More Miracles for Matthew Wiese

More Miracles for Matthew Wiese

His mom calls him a fighter. And 10-year old Ardmore Middle Schooler Matthew Wiese continues to fight with a passion. He's been in a fight for his life.

But with God in his corner, it's a fight this "miracle child" continues to win.

When his go-cart turned upside down back on September 19th, the lives of Matthew and his family were also turned upside down.

Severe head injuries, life support, a message from doctors that he was going to die.

His family said their goodbyes and placed him in the hands of God, even dressing him for the trip to heaven.

But when the breathing machine was turned off, God's power took over.

And for the second time in his life on this earth, Matthew Wiese had the breath of life breathed into him by God.

He baffled doctors. He didn't die. He lived.

He was transferred to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite for rehabilitation.

Problems again. He started leaking cranial spinal fluid from his nose.

His blood pressure, temperature and sodium levels all soared.

But prayers also soared to the heavens.

And finally, after a three week fight, his mom Tina says "He's doing wonderfully well".

"He's trying to sit up in his bed".

"He actually sneezed for the first time."

Matthew is back in rehab, trying to open his eyes. Still in a coma, but slowly coming back.

Tina says, "He is resting. God is telling him to start waking up a little. And that's just wonderful".

Tina says the past few weeks of struggling have also been part of God's plan.

"I think he just wants it to be a deeper, more meaningful miracle".

She also believes Matthew's miracle continues to strengthen the faith of all who hear it.

That all things are possible through God.

Tina says "I'm humbled in the fact God used my son and I'm awestruck about the whole thing".

"It could take years for Matthew to come back, but I know he's going to come back."

Right now, Tina say the family's goal is to have Matthew home for Christmas.

And they say as quickly as he's recovering, they have no doubt it'll happen.