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Boiled peanuts pack a punch at A&M

Dr. Lloyd Walker Dr. Lloyd Walker

An Alabama A&M University food scientist's research has revealed important information about a common treat.

Boiled peanuts, a regional treat from the South, may be as healthy as they are delicious. In the Oct. 31 issue of the American Chemical Society's Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, AAMU scientists report that boiling the legumes fills them with more antioxidants than roasted peanuts or peanut butter.

Dr. Lloyd Walker and colleagues evaluated the effect of boiling and oil- and dry-roasting on peanuts. They found that boiled peanuts contained up to four times more isoflavones than raw peanuts or oil- and dry-roasted ones.  

Peanuts are usually consumed as processed products, mainly as peanut butter and roasted nuts, according to Michael Bernstein of ACS. Studies have shown that peanuts contain powerful antioxidants called isoflavones which may reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and coronary heart diseases. Although the effect of processing on the isoflavone content of legumes has been extensively studied, there has never been such a study on peanuts, notes ACS.

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