A 10-year-old head trauma patient proves doctors wrong

A 10-year-old head trauma patient proves doctors wrong

"Miracle" is probably one of the most over- used words in our society, but we want you to meet a living, breathing miracle named Matthew Wiese .

WAFF 48 News Anchor Mark Thornhill has the story.

Breathing is music to the ears of Matthew Weise's family. After suffering a severe head injury in a go- cart accident September 19th, the 10-year old from Ardmore was put on life- support. His mom Tina, dad Jim and brother Andrew were told he wasn't going to make it.

Tina says, "I kissed him from head to toe and I said it's time for you to go. Family and friends were called in to say their goodbyes. Matthew was baptized. His teamates brought him the game ball from their first win. But even though Matthew's body was weak, the family's faith was strong.

Jim says,"We were able to have great strength and know the worst case that could happen was he was going to be with Jesus."

Prayers for his recovery poured in from all over the country on a website for Matthew called caringbridge.com. And on October 9th, medicine moved aside for a miracle. He was taken off life support. But to the amazement of everyone, including his doctor, he didn't die.

Jim says, "I don't know how to tell you this. He's turned around and we can t explain it."

Matthew is still in a coma, but he's breathing, and moving his body. Science only goes so far. Then there's God, which the doctors readily admit.

Jim says, "It's just medically not documented. As for the future, the Weises know they're in good hands.

The best according to Jim.

"It's humbling. It really is. We're just honored God chose our family to allow us to touch so many people."

Tina adds, "we're just waiting for more miracles and I believe they will happen."

Matthew leaves Wednesday for a hospital in Atlanta to start rehabilitation.