Massive wildfire burns several acres of land

Massive wildfire burns several acres of land

Fire Investigators are looking into what sparked a massive wildfire that's scorched hundreds of acres of land.

It erupted near the Rock Creek Bridge and along Sally Burns Road outside Cherokee in Colbert County.

WAFF 48's Susie Edwards has the latest.

Firefighters and State Forestry agencies in Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi worked to battle the blaze until 2:30 Tuesday morning, while nearby landowners spent the day assessing the damage.

"We know it's burned from here, six-tenths of a mile up the road) but fortunately, this fire burned out--with only hot spots and charred remains left behind."

And it never reached Nathan McCollum's land on the other side of the road.

McCollum says, " we had fire on the other side of the property in February, it was dry then so we have to be careful about it."

Ffirefighters believe the fire was intentionally set, It burned for hours upon hours, destroyed dozens of acres of land, fueled by gusty winds and no rain.

The fire, likely set in at least 3 different places, only started to die down after firefighters set up fire breaks throughout the property and rain fell after midnight--but the damage, is already done.

McCollum adds, "I'd say it's burned at least 400 acres right now."

Fire officials say a land survey will soon be done so they'll know exactly how much acreage was destroyed.