Web site designed to attract new jobs

Web site designed to attract new jobs

Thousands of jobs will be coming to the Tennessee Valley between now and 2011.

Some nine-thousand of those are expected to be with BRAC; the others still need to be filled.

WAFF 48's Robyn Mcglohn visited a company that has its hopes on filling the residual jobs because of BRAC.

They say it's forward thinking trying to meet the demands of a growing city.

As BRAC continues to pour in over the next four to five years, there are other jobs that need to be filled to support the industry.

"We don't have enough people to fill the positions," says CEO of AES Consultants Laure Chapman.

Positions range from engineering to education.

Chapman is familiar with the demand, so she and Allan Rhodes, Executive Director of HDC, LLC, a government contractor, have created a website designed to recruit.

"We're selling Huntsville trying to bring people in and designing a database of candidates that who want to move," says Chapman.

WWW.huntsvilleusa.us was created in July and thousands of resumes have already been submitted.

"We started focusing on the aerospace industry, engineer, MIS, that whole gammat, but that lead into other areas like education, nursing, customer service call center," says Chapman.

"New businesses are starting up and there's been numbers I've heard of 70 thousand or more will be available as residual jobs from those 10,000," says Rhodes.

Residual jobs of BRAC, but they're not just focusing on the recruitment from D.C.

Their first step -- Atlanta, "We felt like with 5.5 million people in the Atlanta Metro area and only three or four hours away that was the place we ought to go advertise to," says Rhodes.

In a little less than two weeks -- Huntsville USA will be sponsoring the pre-race for the Pep-Boy 500 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

They expect to have 25-30 thousand resumes in the database after the race.