Economic factors positively impact housing sales in Huntsville

Economic factors positively impact housing sales in Huntsville

The housing market may not be doing well nationally, but here in the Valley -- the numbers are steady if not rising.

Realtors say the Huntsville-Madison county area is favored more than the rest of the country.

WAFF 48's Robyn McGlohn has the story.

Between Brac and low interest rates, those looking to buy can't find a better deal. It's been named the most affortable city in Alabama -- with birmingham coming in a close second.

It's an ever-evolving market that fluctuates year to year. Across the nation -- the housing market "bubble" -- so to speak -- has popped. But in Madison County, it's still a float.

"We've had a blest market the last 3 or 4 years," says Carey Rosenblum with Rosenblum Realty Incorporated.

Rosenblum says Huntsville is favored more than the rest of the country. And you can see why -- drive up Highway 231/431 north -- and odds are you'll pass former farmland that's been converted into neighborhoods. It's a growing trend  for those wanting "bang for the buck".

"They need the size, they need the price condensed for a fair value, there are some buildings in the area that are providing that, energy effecient homes, and spacious homes, and not heavy on the pocket book."

The average home in Madison County costs anywhere from 170 to 200-thousand. It's a steal for many looking to buy.

However, the price isn't the only reason for a booming market. Rosemblum credits low interest rates as major player.

"When you can borrow money long term at 6 to 6.5 percent that's very good and it's stayed in that area for the last few years."

Along with Huntsville's booming economy the BRAC movement is the number one reason why Huntsville has maintained it's affortablility:

"Anytime you have people moving to your area that can find a job readily it makes good sense that they're going to plant roots down or buy a home or rent a home."