WAFF 48 Investigators find your credit card receipts

If you have ever dined at Copeland's Restaurant in Huntsville, the WAFF 48 Investigators may have found a copy of your receipt. An identity theft crisis has been halted.

WAFF 48 Investigator, Tory Dunnan has the story.

Welcome to what was once Copeland's of New Orleans, where you can use any one of your credit cards.

While investigating a separate story, WAFF 48 investigators found numerous receipts that showed diners did use those credit cards. An open shed behind the closed-down restaurant was filled with receipts and boxes of sales records. The shed door was busted open. An identity theft crisis waiting to happen.

"This right here is all they needed. It has their entire card number on it with their name," said Tony Jones, investigator for Huntsville Police Department.

Past diners' personal information, including names, credit card numbers, expiration dates, and authorization codes, readily available to whomever wanted it. That's why we called Huntsville Police and the property's listing agent showed up in disbelief.

"I've never seen that because there are some boxes inside. They just up and walked out," Jones said.

Up and walked out, exposing past customers to the risk of identity theft.

"It could have been real bad. It's got the all the cardholder's information. It's got their name, the card number in it's entirety. That's all anybody needs for identity theft," said Jones.

Receipt after receipt and  box after box were loaded into a truck. They were boxes full of your personal information.

After the truck was loaded up with all the receipts and they were turned over to the proper authorities, the truck drove away and took them to be disposed of properly.