Ideas for your WAFF 48 Holiday Can-a-thon can drive

Ideas for your WAFF 48 Holiday Can-a-thon can drive

Many Heart of the Valley schools, businesses and churches plan can drives in their organization in the days and weeks leading up to the WAFF 48 Holiday Can-a-thon.  Read on for ideas on how you can participate, too!de

Begin Planning Immediately!

An early start means more. 

Be Creative!

Well thought out can drives can be a lot of fun! There are some ideas listed below. Do you have a good idea you want to share? Send it to, so we can post it on WAFF.COM for everyone else to see!

Iron Bowl Can Drive

Make two can receptors available in the weeks leading up to the Iron Bowl, one for Auburn fans and one for Alabama fans. Announce the winning team and celebrate the success by throwing an Iron Bowl party the Friday before the game. Note: The 2011 Iron Bowl is scheduled for Saturday, November 26th.


Different departments/classes can challenge each other to a can collecting contest.

For schools, find a local business owner to donate a special party (pizza, ice-cream, etc.) for the winning class!

For businesses or churches, the losing team can make lunch for the winning team!


Let the amateur chefs in your company or club compete for the Can-A-Thon title! Have them cook up their best recipes and the rest of your group can vote by donating a can to their favorite chef! The chef that receives the most cans wins and everybody gets to enjoy some great food! 

Can Sculpture

Challenge students or employees to build something using only canned food. If you do this, be sure to take lots of pictures and send them to, so we may post them to WAFF.COM. Note: All area high schools are encouraged to compete in the Can-Structure Event.

New Ideas

Come up with your own creative can drive and let WAFF 48 know about it. We'll share your campaign on WAFF.COM and may even feature your efforts on TV.

Tell Us Your Story

Don't forget! Send information (including pictures) of can drives at your school or business to We're putting it all on the WAFF 48 Can-A-Thon webpage at WAFF.COM!