School bus driver involved in road rage incident

School bus driver involved in road rage incident

A Cullman County School bus driver is accusing a truck driver of apparent road rage.

It happened Tuesday afternoon on Highway 31 in Vinemont.

This morning the Cullman Times is reporting bus driver Harold Ashley was leaving the National Mobile Home Disposal and turning right onto 31 when he saw a Jet Pep truck to his left making the same right turn onto 31.

Ashley told the newspaper he blew his horn at the truck driver. He says that's when the truck driver pulled out into the road ahead of him, stopped the truck, and got out.

Ashley says then the truck driver punched one of the bus windows out with his fist.

Six children were on the school bus at the time of the incident.

Cullman County Sheriff's deputies say they couldn't arrest the driver of the truck, Brian Cobb.

They say that's because he was not driving under the influence and the alleged incident did not happen in front of them.

Sheriff's Deputies say Cobb could be charged with a misdemeanor.